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Dóri eftir SILFA - Kría / 130 x130 cm Chiffon Silk

kr. 18.600

High quality silk chiffon veil/shawl

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Arctic tern

The veil/shawl is made from Silk Chiffon. Extremely light and beautiful.

Silk has the same qualities as wool, so it is wonderful to wear.

The shawl comes in a beautiful satin gift bag.

Dimensions: 130 cm x 130 cm


The coinis taken in Iceland by Dóra – Halldór Pétur Þrastarson (dorithrastar_photography).

Dóri is a great birder since childhood and photographs birds in a unique way. .

Silfa has a passion for natural materials and has worked extensively with wool and silk.

She came up with the idea for Iceland's birds when she thought about the four seasons.
The images are selected accordingly.




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