BÆN - 10mm breidd/18cm lengd

kr. 13.950

Fallegt  armband með bæninni Faðir vor.  Innanmál 18 cm



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Breidd/Width: 10mm

Innanmál /Inside length: 18 cm

Þyngd/weight: 37 gr.

Efni/Material : 316L læknastál/ 316L surgical Steel

Ofnæmisprófað/Allergy tested

18k harðgylling/18k gold hardplated – ECO-friendly

  • 100% skin-friendly and safe
  • The plating, color, and sheen last for decades without damage
  • Silver coating is not needed on stainless steel jewelry has a natural silvery look to them.
  • Stainless steel is stronger, and it has a better luster than other metals
  • The base metal and the ion plating can endure a significant amount of wear and tear without giving in.
  • It’s very easy to maintain jewelry made from stainless steel.



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Silfur/Steel, 18k gullhúð/18k gold plated