My Pearl Bracelet / Extension

kr. 7.990

Prjónamál – Armband/framlenging á hálsmen.

Knitting gauge bracelet / extension for necklace

1,50mm, 12.00mm, 1.75mm, / 000, 17, and 00 US

(IKR 1.000 equals USD 6,88)

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Prjónamáls ambandið / framlengingin er 21 cm. Allar keðjur í My Pearl línunni eru samtengjanlegar. Keðjurnar eru sérsoðnar svo ekkert hár eða band festist í þeim.


My Pearl Extension (21 cm) can be used as bracelet or added length to belt or necklace.

It wont get stuck in your yarn since it´s specially welded.

It´s  made out of surgical steel to prevent allergy

Gold – is plated with 18K gold hardplating (eco friendly plating) that is 8 times stronger than other ordinary plating´s.

This plating will last for decades !

Silver – highpolished surgical steel, does not need any plating sinse it has natural shine and luster to it.

The extention/bracelet comes without any pearls, its only to show you how you can decorate..

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18K plating, Silver/highpolished steel